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Publishing Your Article in a Print Magazine - Anatomy of a Winning Query

Publishing Your Article in a Print Magazine - An Expert Interview with Sharon Crawford, freelance writer, editor and writing instructor

Sharon Crawford and I met at an evening seminar presented by the Toronto chapter of the Professional Writers Association of Canada. I've really been enjoying these events, and I appreciate the work that Sharon and the rest of the PWAC Toronto executive put into them! 

I asked Sharon if we could get together for a chat about print magazines. It's a subject that came up in a survey of my readers awhile back - and I suspect that more than one of you are curious about it.

We talked briefly about her early days in the business - I was curious about the first story idea she ever pitched to an editor. It was scary, she said, but it went so well that she drew up the courage to pitch a second one right there on the spot - and he took that, too!

Sharon provided some wonderful details and tips about "hooking" an editor with a good query. I've put these together in a separate post, "Publishing Your Article in a Print Magazine - Anatomy of a Winning Query" (coming soon).

Listen to my interview with Sharon below:

To find out more about Sharon, please visit her website at www.samcraw.com.


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