July 04, 2011

Content Marketing Made Easy

These days, people are online looking for information, and they’ll often check you out via your website long before they contact you personally.

That’s why your business needs valuable, relevant content to attract those who are already interested in what you do.

If you have the right content, and enough of it, these people will come back to your site, again and again, where they're only one click away from doing business with you.

Content marketing is the key

These recent marketing studies clearly illustrate the importance of content marketing:

  • 90% of businesses expect content marketing to become a major asset in 2013 (Econsultancy and Outbrain, October 2012).
  • 80% of businesses are discovering that they earn more valuable and more frequent conversions as a result of their content marketing efforts (IDG Enterprise, October 2012).

These businesses have seen the impact that content marketing has on their sales, and are investing time and resources on content marketing in the future. Are you?

Don’t get left behind – your business needs a content marketing plan.

Content marketing puts the Internet to work for your business

The essential strategy behind content marketing is simple: if your site contains information that your visitors find useful, it will pay off in return visitors and better search rankings. By providing visitors with more valuable, entertaining and useful website content, wise companies are engaging with their customers more directly, and turning more of these visitors into clients.

When you add content marketing to your marketing mix, you can:

  • Position yourself as a trusted authority in your field,
  • Educate your clients quickly and easily,
  • Shorten the buying process,
  • …and improve your website by keeping it fresh and relevant!

Trust the content marketing professionals at Content Mastery Guide

We have provided high-quality content for many service-based businesses since 2005. Our clients have enjoyed more business, increased confidence, happier customers and greater success through our content marketing efforts. 

We can create a wide range of valuable content that will help you grow your audience, engage your customers, generate referrals and sign up new clients. Whether you need blog posts, white papers, downloadable e-books, website pages, email newsletters or social media updates, you can trust our content to make your business thrive.