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January 18, 2009

Now Do This - a productivity tool that's working for me

Thanks to Adam Kayce, who I follow on Twitter, last week I discovered a new online productivity tool called Now Do This (here is more information about the tool).

This is a beautifully simple site that lets me input a list of tasks and then move through them one at a time. It's been a wonderful way to avoid overwhelm if my to do list is particularly long.

All I see is the one thing I'm working on RIGHT NOW. And when I finish that, I click "done" and my next task pops up.

I can edit the list anytime, and I can even use it as an idea catcher (they explain how on the Now Do This blog).

Ok, I'm off to click "done" on this blog post and see what's next!


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Hi Karri,

Absolutely! Let's hear it for simplicity!

Thanks for posting,

Well isn't this just the most fab thing ever for someone like myself who has more vision than time! Simplicity is the perfect antidote for information overload isn't it?

Hi Adam,

Thanks for posting!

Yes, I agree about the tabs. It's cool, but I've been a bit wary to complicate such a beautifully simple set-up. I have other idea catchers and places to keep track of things.

Back to it!

Hi Linda,

Isn't this the coolest tool? I'm so jazzed that I found it, too.

I can see how for some people, this might seem strange... "I've got so much more to do than one thing!" So do I, believe me... but I use different systems, like mindmapping, for instance, to handle the Big Picture, and so Now Do This does the trick for my daily task management.

Re: tabs... hmm, not sure if I want to go there, yet. Neat feature, but it may dilute my focus, and that's exactly what NDT helps me preserve so well. We'll see.

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